Meet Gail S. Kotel

Gail S. Kotel | Physical Therapist

By way of introduction, my name is Gail S. Kotel. I am a licensed Physical Therapist as well as a certified Pilates instructor. My practice includes one on one patient care, hour long hands on sessions, as well as private and duo classes at the Healing Arts Collective in center city where I offer Therapeutic Pilates. All physical therapy needs are addressed with Pilates techniques utilized for most strengthening and stretching paired with manual work. Therapeutic Pilates Physical Therapy practice specializes in pelvic and chronic pain including pre and post partum issues. The holistic practice incorporates traditional and non traditional Physical Therapy techniques for pain management.

With a Physical Therapist perspective and 31 years of Pilates experience I am in a unique position to work with clients who have multiple needs and backgrounds.

  • Orthopedic modifications addressed
  • Teaching Pilates correctly and pain free
  • Fine tune technique to cater to those with chronic pain and/or hx of orthopedic injury/back or joint pain
  • Manual Trigger Point Therapy
  • Post rehab transition-orthopedic modifications stressed Therapeutic Pilates

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Phone: 215-834.9799