Patient Testimonials

Gail’s a very intuitive therapist who listens and teaches and goes at your own pace. I’m always impressed by her attention to detail. She’ll pick up the slightest nuance in body movement and adjust it to help me move correctly and, ultimately, feel better. Over the course of several years, Gail has helped me understand my body and, in doing so, given me the tools I need to live a healthier life.

– Jim McGorman

I have participated in sports my whole life and I have always had very poor flexibility.  Now, in my mid-forties I am a runner and a triathlete.  Sadly, I have had to drop out of several races over the past few years due to injury.  All of these injuries were the result of over-training in combination with poor flexibility and inadequate core strength.  Recently, I started training for The New York City Marathon and with my history, I was concerned about another injury.  I worked with Gail leading up to the race and she helped tremendously.  The difference in my flexibility was remarkable.  She worked directly with me on flexibility and gave me a toolbox of exercises to do on my own.  In addition to the physical techniques, Gail has a wonderfully therapeutic presence that helped me on my way through training.  I completed the marathon feeling better than ever and injury free.  There is no way I could have done it without her.

-Douglas Esberg

Before my first appointment with Gail I called to cancel because I was in too much pain to begin Pilates.  She said:  “Being in that much pain is not a reason to cancel the appointment, it is a reason to keep the appointment”.  Although skeptical, I kept the appointment and in one hour she was able to reduce my pain and teach me how to lay in bed to be able to sleep.  One year later, because she listens and understands,  pain free has become my normal expectation.

Gail is a licensed Physical Therapist in her own practice and a long tenured Pilates instructor.  I began with her when I finally felt well enough to work to avoid a recurrence.  As I mentioned, she has dramatically helped me, including analyzing that the way I walk exacerbates things and teaching me how to walk better. Sessions consist of an hour of 1 on 1 Physical Therapy a week.  The amazing thing is she listens and applies her knowledge and intuition to tailor specific exercises to what I need...Read More.

– Mark Bernstein

Gail Kotel  is an exceptionally intelligent, competent, and versatile physical therapist., who is imaginative and creative in the disciplined, but non-routinized and dynamic way  in which she works with clients and patients. She is also highly attuned to the distinctive attributes of their bodies, and emphathically  responsive to their psyches and their life- situations. She has been a therapeutic presence in my life in all these ways throughout the three years that I have been her patient.  She makes it possible for me to tap into, and strengthen both the inner and outer resources that I have to physically navigate and function.

– Renee C. Fox, PhD

I found Gail Kotel 5 years ago after being run over by a Septa Bus. She is a physical therapist… pilates instructor… masseuse… muscle worker… Chinese medicine enthusiast… body coach… rolled into one extraordinary being. I live an energetic, pain free life because of what she aids me in doing to/with my body each week.  I am stronger than I was before my accident and I intend to live a very long productive life  as long as I can get my Kotel fix each week.

– Toby Shawe M.D.

Gail’s Pilates class is a fabulous workout based on the principles of Joe Pilates.  She emphasizes proper alignment and provides corrections to ensure you are optimizing your practice.  I love that she’s a Physical Therapist by training and offers accommodations for any ailments.

– Meryl Tucker

What I like most about my Pilates lessons with Gail is that she describes perfectly the movement we have to do with our   muscles so that we get the correct position.  I feel I’m not moving purposelessly just trying to make some impossible pose   for my level.  In fact, that supposedly super easy pose is really hard if done right.  Gail makes sure I do that.

– Esther Alarcon